Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Dog Feet Friday

This will be a weekly feature because I love dogs, and I love their feet.

Today's photo was contributed by Allison Fishman, of the Wooden Spoon.
Kayla is a 13 year old German Shepherd mix. She lives in NJ and is engaged to Blue. They were set-up by Allison's future step-daughter. So, you older gals, don't lose hope; it's never too late to find love!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog For Digs-"My Childhood Bedroom Was..."

This post is all about my childhood bedroom and is written in honor of Blog For Digs, a blogging fundraiser started by Claudia Clobes of Stonehouse Love and Beth Doloto from Hello Splendor. It benefits Dwell With Dignity, a non-profit founded by Lisa Robison that brings inspiring design to families in need. So please, after reading, consider donating something and sharing your love of design with those less fortunate. We all know how the right environment can lift your spirits and give you the strength to go out and face the day.

Reality TV to the contrary, I don’t think the words “surprise” and “redecorate” belong in the same sentence together, but the Saturday before my 8th birthday, they did. My mother sent me out into the cold February weather, and over to play with the three girls who lived next door to us. Their doctor parents allowed us to magic-marker up their Patty PlayPal doll for fake surgery, while unbeknownst to me, back home, movers were installing an entire new room of furniture for me.
                                 Miss Patty Playpal

My mother made me close my eyes, and told me that my birthday gift was in my room. And was it ever. What had been a simple room with a flowery bedspread and white walls was now a riot of color. Olive green shag carpeting. The body of the furniture suite was turquoise-marbled Formica; the drawers were white Formica with a gold boomerang pattern, and V-shaped gold hardware. On the ceiling, a disc of white frosted glass with glittery stars. And then there was the wallpaper, which would eventually show up in my nightmares. Covered with huge turquoise poodles drawn in the popular sketchy “Parisian” style of the moment, there were also tiny butterflies and bugs cavorting among breezy, oversized flowers. For the next 5 years, until I was allowed to move upstairs to a bedroom vacated by my older brother, I stared down those enormous dogs with creepy snouts that made me think of dinosaurs.

   HGTV Home Heist-the color scheme was similar

  This was the pattern on the furniture drawer fronts, in gold!

 This was the color story Mom was going for and I think that the Jonathan Adler version rocks.

My mother doesn’t remember the where she got her decorating scheme, but I think that the Jetsons, Vogue Magazine, and some weird friend from the country club were involved.   Of course, today I’d die to have that retro turquoise desk, custom built to fit into a corner, and would probably frame that vintage poodle wallpaper if I could only find a sample.
 This sort of looks like the wallpaper that was in my bedroom, but not as creepy.

                               Dwell With Dignity

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mom, My Style Icon

My first vintage obsession was the 1941 issue of Life Magazine kept in our Queens, NY den. It featured a photo of my mom when she was 23. She'd won "Most Beautiful Body," in a contest held in the Catskill Mountains; Life was doing a story on the hotel singles scene. At the time, mom was the "girl singer" in her own band "Marsha King and The Three Bad Habits." (Her last name was Kaiser but she wanted something a little more stage-worthy.) When she married my dad, Mom gave up singing in East Village nightclubs and with famous Big Band leaders (she lost her biggest job to a then-unknown Dinah Shore.) My father didn't like having to wait (in the car) for his wife to finish her gigs. It's amazing I ever got married, after hearing that story.

Mom's the one on the left. The woman in the middle won "Most Beautiful Face" and the one on the right grabbed Most Beautiful Costume, if you can imagine.