Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Dog Feet Friday

This will be a weekly feature because I love dogs, and I love their feet.

Today's photo was contributed by Allison Fishman, of the Wooden Spoon.
Kayla is a 13 year old German Shepherd mix. She lives in NJ and is engaged to Blue. They were set-up by Allison's future step-daughter. So, you older gals, don't lose hope; it's never too late to find love!


  1. From the very best dog I've known (a beagle) and (sorry) cats (several meezers), I think of that strange frito-corn-chip smell their feet get in the deepest part of winter.

    I'm not sure if anything quite brings one back to childhood quite as well....

  2. that is such an otherworldly pic. love it.
    will we be seeing urban shots of sets of four mini-galoshes, too?

  3. Thanks, Babe! And to give the "older gals" extra incentive; though Kayla is 13, Blue is only 2. In fact, her puppies are older than he is. Hubba hubba.

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