Monday, January 3, 2011

Mom, My Style Icon

My first vintage obsession was the 1941 issue of Life Magazine kept in our Queens, NY den. It featured a photo of my mom when she was 23. She'd won "Most Beautiful Body," in a contest held in the Catskill Mountains; Life was doing a story on the hotel singles scene. At the time, mom was the "girl singer" in her own band "Marsha King and The Three Bad Habits." (Her last name was Kaiser but she wanted something a little more stage-worthy.) When she married my dad, Mom gave up singing in East Village nightclubs and with famous Big Band leaders (she lost her biggest job to a then-unknown Dinah Shore.) My father didn't like having to wait (in the car) for his wife to finish her gigs. It's amazing I ever got married, after hearing that story.

Mom's the one on the left. The woman in the middle won "Most Beautiful Face" and the one on the right grabbed Most Beautiful Costume, if you can imagine.


  1. Enjoying your blog Beth! My favorite topics...keep it going...

  2. Wow. What a thrill to have your mom voted best LIFE, especially giving the unforgiving nature of those bathing suits! And a singer to boot. Any shot you've got a photo of mama today? I bet she's just as stylish. :-)